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You can’t achieve top-of-the-line results without having a talented team behind it. Our board-certified registered nurses are dedicated to giving you the absolute best skincare treatment procedures, along with exceptional guidance in your journey for greater looking skin. Let us boost your confidence, so you can own your look!




Here at Sassy Med Spa, we strive to serve our clients with the best possible skincare procedures that utilize cutting edge technology accompanied by outstanding customer service. All our treatments are FDA and CSA approved and are conducted by highly skilled healthcare practitioners who are licensed to perform medical grade non-surgical beauty treatments.



Sassy RN

Deanna Ortaly


Deanna Ortaly not only brings her passion of aesthetics to the table, but years of experience as well. Originally coming from a banking background, she envisioned herself working in the world of beauty and medicine. After some internal debate, she chose to pursue higher education and made it a goal to merge her studies with her passion.

 She received her Bachelors in Nursing and began her career as a registered nurse in 2012. Shortly after, she completed her Masters in nursing. She chose to continue her medical career as a laser hair removal and teeth whitening specialist. Her passion for the profession only grew stronger when she recognized her deep appreciation of being able to enhance the self-esteem of her clients. The second she learned she was able to make her clients feel better about themselves through her craft – she was hooked. 

She is now offering a wide range of services from injections to laser hair removal, spider vein removal, teeth whitening and more!

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